Integrity in Sales and Distribution of Fine Automobiles
Our Company's Mission

Conduct business with
courtesy and integrity ,
and  provide our customer
with a quality vehicle at
the best possible price.
                          About Us- Our Company                               
Lynnhaven Motor Company is an automobile wholesale/ retail
operation that caters to the public and other automobile
dealers.  Our business model is not the same as other retail
used car dealerships. There are no sales-people to deal with, no
pressures, and no reasons for anxiety.  All our vehicles are
Certified Program Vehicles, have very low mileage, and  most
are still under the Manufacturer's Factory Warranty.  We will
make an effort to provide the lowest prices, and we will help
you find financing. The public is encouraged to  come in,  take
some keys, test drive, and decide. We will cater to all questions
and concerns in a friendly family environment.  In this business
you will have direct access to the owners and not a commision
driven salesperson.  Our cars may be inspected by your chosen
trusted mechanic before any commitment or purchase.
We specialize in all makes, but focus  on vehicles in high
demand such as imports like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, as well
as Minivans, and SUV's.  If we don't already have the vehicle
you are looking for, we will give you an accurate quote and go
find it for you.
Our prices are most competitive...and we will not be undersold!
Frequently Asked Questions
How can you sell these vehicles at these prices? Are they vehicles with issues?
Our pricing is a reflection of our overhead, and we have no middleman.  With no mechanical expenses, our vehicles are chosen and bought ready
to go and most of the time they don't even require vacuuming.....
Do you offer Company  financing?
Some, BUT....with our pricing structure  we cannot absorb fees and expenses associated with some finance companies affiliated with used car
dealerships. Depending on your credit score, these financial institutions sometimes charge fees to pick up the loan, if they deem the score low or
risky,  and these fees will be added to our prices.    Regardless of your credit score  we will guide you towards financing sources that will help you
with getting a loan. We will do the work, we will give you all the best avenues to find the lowest interest rates available.  
Why buy from you?
Our goal is NOT to sell you a vehicle  and  find a million ways to be bringing you back in to milk your pockets for cash.  No lifetime oil
changes--the excuse to be bringing you back in to explore your vehicle for more opportunities, No lifetime State Inspections--see excuse No-1, No
bogus point sale additional fees, OUR PROCESSING FEE IS $249, and we charge it to off set the shipping of the vehicle to us from our point of
purchase. (Receipt shown upon request).  We aim to have your trust and serve your family with more vehicles in the future.  Additionally,
will always
be by your side, whether the car is under warranty or not. This applies not just to the car we sold you, but for every car your family
owns, whether you bought it from us or not.  Now you are thinking.......What?  Why?? How???
No way right??......Well, we treat our family business like what it is... family...and when you buy our cars,  you do join our family, and we always
help family.  If only the rest of this world would see it this way....
Pictured above are some of
our dear customers who
purchased more than one
vehicle from us
Our Company's
position always is...
"We'll  let
the cars do all
the talking."
Never sales pressure
We let your trusted
mechanic have the final say