Lynnhaven Motor Company thanks you and appreciates all
that you do to preserve our daily freedom. We are honored
to serve your automotive needs.
Military Special offers
A) Up front pricing with no hidden fees. Take all offers to your
command for approval, no commitments, no problem.

B) You can take the car you choose to your mechanic and        
have it checked before you buy it, no  commitments, no
problem. All vehicles are warranted

C) Credit Union financing with low interest rates, get approved

D) Instant financing even if you have blemished your credit,      
we will get you the best loan possible.

E) We offer top quality demand vehicles to the      
most competitive price. We are a family operation.   Put us to
the test!    

F)          All ranks are welcome,   we also offer you a free ride   
to and from the Bases with absolutely no obligation.
There's no sales pressure here at all...GUARANTEED

G) Full tank of gas with your purchase!
Show us "Active military ID"

H) How about wholesale service?                       After you buy a
car, you pay for service exactly what we pay,  you maintain
your car at Dealer cost. Brake jobs, oil changes, tune ups and
more. You can take your car to anyone for a diagnosis and get
their price first...then give us their diagnosis only, we will give
you our compare--- then decide. 30% to 50%
savings are not uncommon.

I)  Need parts, accessories, or other automobile related              
expenses?  Pay what we pay. Need tires?  Need wheels? Need
a sound system? Navigation? DVD?  Search all the specials,
all the advertisements find the best prices in town.  Then give
us a call, let's see if our wholesale price beats them.

Our put your life on the line for us.
Here at Lynnhaven Motor Company we sincerely appreciate
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Any questions simply call 757-425-9300
Drive a great car today!
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Need a loan?
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Need a loan?
Click here for a quick
24hr Approval!
What about those of us who are not in the military?
Paragraphs "A-E"  and  "I"     apply for everyone!!!