Customer Testimonials & Feedback

I just wanted to drop you a note about
how pleased I have been with our 2 car
purchases from you. My son loves his
Nissan and my wife is crazy about her
Honda Civic.  I really appreciate the
way you stand behind your cars. I will
be in the market again in the next few
years and my family plans on doing
business with you for many years to
come.  Please feel free to use this
letter as a recommendation and also
feel free to use my name.

Greg C., Reedville VA
John and Anton,

I just wanted to thank you both again for all your help with my new car!  I
drove an older car inherited from my mother--a 1989 Toyota Cressida.  
The car served my family long and well, and when it finally came time to
retire her, to say I was dismayed would be an understatement.  Although
the rest of my family tends to prefer driving SUVs, I feel most comfortable
in a mid size sedan.  Back in July my father helped me purchase a 1999
Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Although the car is in excellent condition for its
age, I never felt comfortable in this Jeep (e.g. larger than I care to drive,
not as gas efficient as I would like).  So, when my brother's Jeep (also a
1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, in an odd twist of fate) finally gave up the
ghost a few months later,  I was more than happy to pass on my Jeep  to
someone who would appreciate it quite a bit more.  However, I was more
than a little apprehensive at once again having to shop around for a
more suitable vehicle.

Over the years, I've seen my parents purchase cars from large
dealerships with salespeople who focus on high pressure tactics in order
to close sales, and that was exactly the kind of experience I DIDN"T
WANT.  I don't like pushy salespeople, and I'm disdainful of people who
will say whatever they think the customer wants to hear, all just to make a
quick buck.  Thankfully, my experience with Lynnhaven Motor Company
was the exact opposite--from the start, I could tell you genuinely cared
about helping me to find the right car for me, as opposed to pushing me
into buying a car out of my price range, or a car that may have been
older inventory for you.  I was impressed by your professionalism and
excellent customer service, but even more impressive was the genuine
sense of warmth and camaraderie I received.  With attitudes like yours,
it's easy to see why so many people are lifetime, repeat customers. I love
my Camry, and I loved how easy the entire experience was ( e.g. no long
lines at DMV) -- I could not have asked for a better time.  So, efkharisto,
and spasiba to you both for all your help, and I'll be sure to tell people
about Lynnhaven Motor Company-- especially our fellow ODU alumni,
right, John?

Christine D.  Norfolk VA
To Lynnhaven Motor Company
Thanks for all your help!
John, you run a
first class business.  
We love our new cars!  Go Marlins!!

Coach Macedo
Coach Dunleavy
Virginia Wesleyan Marlins, Va. Beach
Dear John,
John and I just wanted to say thank you
for finding our Camry.  We really
appreciate all the time and effort you
spent in finding just the right one for
us.  Your straight-forwardness and
honesty made our car purchase a
comfortable experience.

John & Linda J.  Lynchburg VA
Thank you so much for your kindness,
generosity, and compassion.  I truly
appreciate how far you have gone
for..beyond selling a car to me.  I will always
buy  my cars from you.  Love and blessings.

Janice G.  Virginia Beach  VA
I just wanted to write to let you know that the Avalon has been absolutely
terrific.  In another year or two, we will be looking again, and we know
where would look first- to you and Lynnhavenmotors.

Rod S.  Staunton, VA
Dear John,
I just wanted to take a minute to simply
say thanks for all you have done for
our family.  You are amazing.  In
today's world it is very hard to find
people that care of what their
customers need and do something
about it with absolutely little to gain,
and with such passion.  Needless to
say I will be more than happy to refer
you to all my family and friends.  All
three cars are doing fine!  Not that I'm
in any rush, but we will see you again
when we are looking for our next car.

R. White Virginia Beach  VA
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