Meet the Staff of Lynnhaven Motor Company

John Gabriel - Owner, Sales Manager

757-425-9300 -

John has founded the Company and is the primary person to contact in regards to Sales, Service, and any questions you may have regarding any of our vehicles

Constantine Gabriel - Sales, Lot Manager

757-425-9300 -

Cody Gabriel has been with our Dealership for two years now, is currently attending Tidewater Community college on his way to Old Dominion University seeking a Business Administration degree. Possibly the bright future of our company. Not only he can handle sales, he is also involved in all aspects of management of our Dealership. He is also the proud picture taker/manager of all our vehicles...

Marina M. Gabriel - DMV and Title Processing gal!

757-425-9300 -

Marina is our Dealership's paperwork guru, she is responsible for all the titling of vehicles, spends lots of hours at DMV, arguably the toughest job around.


PURCHASED 2 OR MORE VEHICLES FROM US - like ..... The Love family

Here are some great folks who are very dear to Lynnhaven Motor Company. We appreciate your business. It is easy to sell a single vehicle when a great price is offered... but it takes satisfaction, great service, trust, and support to earn your repeat business, and best of all, your friendship!

On a very special Saturday.... - purely by coincidence this special photo was taken

of 3 different families who came to purchase a car -

What was special, is that all of these people are repeat customers: From left to right: Craig and Alaina Griffin purchased their 4th vehicle this day, Alberto and Alberto Dayao Jr. purchased their 3rd vehicle from us, and Max and Peter Koloski purchased their 2nd this year! One of the best Saturdays Lynnhaven Motor Company ever had...

Lovely family photo with our cars! - 3 vehicles in a single year!


We appreciate your business!

All the way from the Northern Neck! - 2 vehicles!

The Corsa's -

Thank you!

Purchased 3 vehicles - over the last 5 years!

The Young family -

Thank you, we appreciate your business!

Another cool photo! - Purchased 3 vehicles over a decade!


Thank you so much.

Purchased 7 vehicles - over an 8 year span!

The Lane family -

No words...just many thanks!

The first and original photo sent to us! - 3 vehicles within a single year.


Thanks for the cool picture and the memories!

All the way from Richmond! - Two cool vehicles purchased!


Thanks for your effort and business.

Dear customers way back since 2003 - Purchased 3 vehicles over a decade!


Great many thanks...

Adrian Francis and Tejero J. Rawlins - Purchased 3 cars over the last 5 years!


Adrian's uncle came down from New York on two different occasions to purchase a vehicle from us. Greatly appreciated!

We appreciate - and thank you! 3 cars in the last 4 years!

The Dayao family -

Look forward to serve your future car needs.

We appreciate - and thank you!


Look forward to see you again soon!

Purchased 4 vehicles in the last 6 years - Our dear friends Rich & Linda Sidone

Bought these two vehicles same month! -

Not pictured but needs to be mentioned is their son Matthew who also purchased his vehicle from our company. Thank you all so much!

Purchased 4 vehicles over a span of 16 years! - Our dear friend Evelia James


Recently purchased her dream car an Infiniti G37X!

We thank you so very much! - Your trust in us is appreciated.


Look forward to see you again soon.

Purchased 3 vehicles! - Our friend and fellow Greek Mr. Thomas Smigel


As his license plate says: see him for any TV spots and commercials! He is the best!

Purchased 4 vehicles! - Mr. & Mrs. Longo!

Thank you for your loyalty and friendship! -

As they proudly are indicating, these kind folks were happy with their 4th purchase here! A lovely Honda Accord EXL !!

Selling a single car at a great price is easy... - but 2, 3, 4?? means dedication and service!


Thank very understated here!

We thank you for your business, - it was a blast meeting you!


Making our customers part of our family is certainly a privilege.

We appreciate your business - it was our privilege to meet you


Look forward to a long lasting friendship, as well as taking care of your car needs!

Thank you for your trust - and repeat business. All the way from Richmond!


We will always stand by your side for every car need.

Thank you so much - great people!


We appreciate your trust and business.

It was a pleasure meeting you - and making new friends is a blessing!


We hope to see you soon.

We appreciate your business - and thanks for your continued support


Hope you will visit us in the future for any car need you may have!

Thanks for your trust and business - it was a pleasure meeting you!


As your family grows, we will always be here for you.

Thank you so much - your continued support is appreciated.


Repeat customers make us feel wonderful!

It was our privilege - to have met you both!


We hope to see you again very soon.

Yes you did it! - Thank you so much for your trust


What great fun it was yeah?

Our international customers! - Thank you so much for your trust


Great school car and here is hoping that your career is bright.

We appreciate your business - and your family's repeat support.


We hope to serve your car needs of the future.

How time flies by... - very nice to see you again!


It was our privilege to be here for you.

Thank you for your trust - we appreciate you


Repeat business means everything to us.

Thank you returning to us - and for supplying us this great photo.


We certainly appreciate the trip and your trust in us.

It was a pleasure seeing you again - we appreciate the business


Your car needs will be our priority!

Thank for making us - part of your family


Hope to be here for the next generation!

Thanks for allowing us to be there - for your family's growing car needs


Thanks for supplying us this neat photo! see you soon again!

So much for us to be thankful for - your continued support is appreciated.


We value your time and effort, hope to be there for you for any future car needs.